Friday, July 31, 2009


Here is a video of Addy and Wrigley at "water time" which always immediately follows outside time. Every dog comes in from outside and instantly wants to drink a small (desalinated) ocean of water. Also, we used to have three of these dog water bowls, but two have broken thanks mostly to Wrigley's carelessness about where he is flinging his body at any given moment. So, right now we're sharing. Everyone in my house is having "wait" heavily enforced these days because I do not like being mobbed by a virtual sea of dogs for something as simple as tap water or walking through a closed door. It is not that exciting that you can't wait a second, dogs!


Stella said...

Hey you guys, your Mom sounds a little upset, a little testy maybe about this rush to the water cooler. There is only two of you there, couldn't one drink out of the toilet and the other drink out of your dish? A little organization saves the day, sometimes!


Rachel said...

Wrigley Beans <3

Murphy Dogg said...

I gotta share my water bowl with my little sisters too.
They drive me nuts, cuz I always gotta let them go first.
Something Mama says about "ladies first," even though I keep telling her, "they ain't no ladies!"
Murphy Dogg

Nicole said...

Stella, I am NOT sure that your plan is the best. :)

Rachel, I love that there are Wrigley fans! He is such the "under the radar" dog of my pack.

Murph, You are very polite! As you can see, my dogs just shove as many faces into the bowl as possible at one time. No one waits. :D