Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Home Again

Hello friends! I was out of town this weekend in NYC to go do some yoga and visit with some dear friends. I had a great time, but missed the pups (and the BDD) so much! I wish I could bring Maizy and Addy to NY sometime. They would love to walk around and explore. I couldn't believe all of the badly behaved dogs that I saw this weekend, though. Living in a city where walking your dog is a necessity, you'd think that it would be people's first priority to keep their dogs under control during walks. Apparently not!

Anyway, as a result, I don't have any new dog stuff to post about, so I will share this video that I took last week. In it, I am working on a no-handed headstand, a pose that has been perfected by my teacher, Sri Dharma Mittra (who I was in NYC to see) and which is a major work in progress. The reason for posting the video, however, is to show you one of my regular home yoga practice companions, Miss Addy Mae, who in this video, is happily chewing up her tennis ball rope toy. RIP, toy.

That Addy, always stealing the show. :)


Stella said...

Addy is finding her own kind of inner peace, if you don't mind!


Susan said...

well, I'm impressed. Makes the top of my head hurt just to watch. Addy is a sweetie.

Flo said...

Addy is a great yogini in the making.

Nicole said...

Addy is a good yogi, it's true. :)