Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lamp Dog

Well, vet season continued last week with vet visits for Maizy, Probert, and Addy. The last two pups are doing great, but Miss Maizy had a big problem! Under her fur, we discovered a hidden mystery wound on her tail that she had not let me know about it any way and which had apparently been there for a while, causing the end of her tail to die!!! I spent the next several days trying to get her to leave her (now shaved) tail alone until she could have a surgery to amputate the damaged end. This was not easy.

Her surgery yesterday went amazingly well and she is doing great, with the exception of one thing - the CONE. She is a big dog and needs a 30" cone to prevent her from reaching her tail. She is also a terrible navigator and has been banging and tripping all over the house. She hasn't even been home 24 hours and the cone has become dented and mangled. We have 10 days total until her stitches can be removed and I hope we all survive.

Check out this great new lamp! It goes so good with my Eames rocker.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Wrigley Turns Five!

Wrigley had a momentous week last week. During our visit to the vet on Thursday, we learned that he has lost 10 lbs since the fall, which is great! He still has a few more to go, but he is on his way to being a lean, cuddly, licking machine!

On Friday, Wrigley turned five! He is such a handsome little guy I couldn't resist a few birthday portraits.