Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday, Wrigs!

Today Wrigley turned 6 years old! I can't believe he's lived with me for over 5.5 years. He's such a wonderful, joyful pup. Happy birthday, Wrigley Beans.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Well! I have really neglected to update since the last time I posted, I was headed off to Japan! As it turned out, our flight landed in Japan exactly one minute before the earthquake occurred. We were taxi-ing along the runway when the plane began to rock severely. The long and the short of the whole story is that Narita Airport was closed so they couldn't get us through customs and after a 14 hour flight from the US they then kept us on the plane for about another 10 hours on the ground before we could file into the airport where we then spent the night sleeping on the floor among thousands of others. After a long ordeal, we finally made it to our hotel and were able to see some of Tokyo, but the city was not itself. We really loved Japan, though, and I hope we can go back again sometime!

During all of that, the dogs were well taken care of back at home! They loved staying at Canine Crews in Chicago and made these paw paintings for St Patrick's Day.

They were thrilled with life when I picked them up and spent the next 24 hours sleeping like logs. I can tell that they were having a great time! They already have another appointment to stay at Canine Crews in a week when I am in LA (where I will hopefully not encounter any earthquakes).