Saturday, July 25, 2009

One Widdle Olds

Well, I am just squeaking this entry in, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADDY MAE! According to the papers that came with her when she was adopted, Addy is one year old today! As a treat, yesterday I took her over to Sirius Cooks where we picked up some goodies and the kind ladies there gifted Addy some home made dog ice cream (which she loves, but has barely put a dent in). Last night, the whole pack (including the cats, but not including the humans) feasted on home made stew and I swear Addy flopped onto the floor of her crate after finishing in a blissful food coma.

I can't wait to see what this year has to offer Miss Addy Mae. Life is great. :)


Mango said...

Happy Birthday! One year old! You are still a teenager.


P.S. Don't get your hopes up about stupid Dexter passing agilities. This was his third time through the beginner class. What a doofus.

Stella said...

Happy Birthday, Addie! You are a beautiful girl and have lots of wonderful life ahead of you! Mango said you are a teenager in people years but I say you are 7 years old in people years. A first grader! Have fun, Addie!


Chris said...

Happy Birthday Addy! Many, many more!

Lily, Edgrrr, Chris & The Husband

luneray said...


I found your blog via Petbulls on Livejournal and just had to comment to leave a happy b-day for Addie!

Love reading the brown dog stories. :D

eednic said...

happy birthday addy!! YAY!!! pets and snuggles from me and the clemendoodle!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

We tried to leave a comment on the pit bull blues post but couldn't. Just wanted you to know we love it too!!

Nicole said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes, everyone! You are so sweet. :)