Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tooth Hole

Probert, the million-dollar dog, struck again last week when he broke his second canine tooth. While the first one, broken just before his knee surgery, was broken pretty mildly, this one was broken vertically reaching up into the gum (ouch!). So, a dental was scheduled (and then pushed up as his gum started to turn color). When I dropped him off, the vet was not happy with him for having broken such a difficult-to-extract tooth. In the end, they were able to save his one canine, but the other one had to come out. Let me tell you, the root on that thing was HUGE.

So, he had surgery and was doing pretty well on his intense regimen of pain killers and antibiotics. Until!!! His stitches came out and the giant hole in his jaw from the root removal was exposed!! The vet said at that point it would either heal up on its own, or his body would create a mouth/nose fistula that would require specialty surgery to repair. Fortunately, at his follow up visit a week later, the gum had grown back together and he is in the clear. Hopefully, we can avoid vet visits for him for a while!

In super cute news, when I was picking him up from the vet after his procedure, he was super groggy and walked right into a glass door. Poor guy! He's doing much much better now, though. Stay healthy, please, Little Guy.