Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Comfy Cozy

Yesterday I looked over and saw Maizy in full flop on the love seat, her favorite place to lay. She typically arranges the pillows and slipcover into this unsightly mess.

At some point she had gotten down and the BDD had taken up residence on the loveseat, but rather than move to the couch, Maizy claimed this stray throw pillow.

Don't think that worked out quite how she had planned.

Bonus flopping comes from kitty pack member, Hannibal, who has apparently claimed this little file tray that I cleaned out on my desk. Guess I'll need to find a new place to put my paperwork.


Stella said...

Maizy looks very happy and comfy in the first picture, then after the bed got snitched from her, she looks sad. Maybe she needs to go lay on top of the snitching person and see how that works!


Nicole said...

Hi Stella,

Next time I will suggest that to her! She might need some help getting up that high, so I will give her a boost. I bet she would be very comfortable. :)

Sprite, the odd dog. said...

I came to TAG you in my bully pic game, but now I am just sleeeepy.