Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How I Spent My Fourth of July

It was a nice long weekend for me, though I really didn't make it out of the house much due to having a 55 lb pit bull practically stapled to my body 80% of the time. Our neighborhood had firecrackers and fireworks going off literally all day on Saturday, much of Sunday, and it's only now starting to taper off. This is not Probert's idea of a Good Time. No no no. As I think I have probably mentioned, part of Probert's abuse as a pup involved fireworks, and he clearly remembers them well (and not too fondly).

Distracting himself with a delicious treat.

So, we hung out in the house. A lot. The only time I got out on Saturday was in the morning for a yoga class and in the afternoon to take "the girls" (Maizy and Addy) for a walk. The girls were mostly unphased by the warzone-like noises going on all around us (during the daylight) with the exception of a few very loud "booms" that caused Maizy to woof once. We had to hang back to avoid some firecrackers going off right in our path and the ladies were very well behaved the whole time. I was proud of them.

Ears plastered back.

Probert spent much of the day hiding and cuddling and pacing and some drooling, but overall, I think he did well. He even fell asleep a few times. We spent our evening piled (me, BDD, and all four pups) into the bedroom watching Star Wars movies. I guess not the worst way to spend the day. :)
"Can you guys keep it down, please?"


Stella said...

Probert, I know just what you are talking about! We didn't go anyplace, me or my Mom for three days and she had to force me to go out to do my duty! Its over now, thank Dog, and I hope they don't come back next year. (My Mom says they will!) We just have to work on this fear we have.


Nicole said...

Stella, We are so glad that you survived!!! And happy that you have a mom who will stay home and keep you safe from all of the loud "bangs"!

Murphy Dogg said...

Hey Probert,
I had the same problem! My neighbors were shooting off fireworks ALL weekend and it was driving me nuts. Glad you made it through, buddy.
Murphy Dogg

Flo said...

PB PB...cutest cuddliest pup.
Sorry your neighbors were so noisy!

Marie Lemondrop said...

My dogs are the same... I love Star Wars so all in all not a bad time, right?
Kisses to Probert from my pitmix Winnie. (who thinks that she is a two pound poodle)

Princess said...

At least Probert was comfy right? Glad it's over for you now!!

Tag you're it! Come see my blog.


Nicole said...

I am sad to hear that so many of our pup friends can relate! Maybe we can all vacation somewhere remote and quiet next year. :)