Monday, July 20, 2009


This past weekend, I accomplished what feels like a major life goal when I purchased a $30 hammock off of craigslist and set it up in the backyard. The dogs are mostly confused by the hammock and Addy prefers to lay under the hammock rather than on it. My stepdad does say that gravity is stronger around a hammock and I must believe he is right because Addy and I napped for at least 2 hours yesterday.

Maizy's approach is different. She prefered to circle around and around and around and when that didn't get her into the hammock or, alternately, me out of the hammock, she chose to try gnawing on the edge. That didn't work either, it just got her told to "knock it off."

How I get into the hammock, and so troublingly far away from her may forever remain a mystery to Maizy, but she sure makes up for it by being cute.

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MJ's doghouse said...

oh god are soooooooo cute