Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Mundane

There are a variety of enjoyable (and admittedly, not-so-enjoyable) things about living with dogs. I am here to tell you about one of the most mundane aspects of living with a dog that I find so enjoyable: washing the dog blankets!

The Brown Dogs' blankets all come from a lovely little place called the thrift store. This is because they will inevitably be destroyed no matter what the cost, so keeping those costs low is ideal. We also try to keep fluff to a minimum as a blanket filled with fluff is at high-risk of being chomped up, so in order to make their crates comfy and cozy, the blankets are layered on.

Anyway, I don't know what it is, but there is something that I really enjoy about neatly arranging the clean dog blankets back into the dog crates. Before long (read: 5-10 minutes), they will be strewn everywhere as a result of excessive snuffling (Probert and Wrigley) or simply picking them up and shaking them (Maizy), but until that happens, all of the blankies are neat and tidy and fluffed and clean. It's a good feeling!

(The dogs in this post all look unhappy because I am making them sit nicely for pictures rather than letting them immediately go to town investigating the "fresh from the dryer" smells that have traveled back from the basement with their clean blankets.)

Monday, January 19, 2009

The vet, part 3

Hi Brown Dog Friends... Sorry I didn't post an update right away. I've been busy enjoying the long weekend with the brown pups.

Anyway, Maizy's visit to the Orthopedic specialist on Saturday evening went well. The doctor determined that Maizy has now torn her left knee and that is her current problem. Since her right knee healed reasonably well with rest, we will rest her for a month and she will take Rimadyl to see if she gets better. If not, she will have surgery on her knee. The vet went over the costs with me and let's just say that I'm hoping for a recovery with rest!

The doctor also looked at her right knee and said that it was torn at one time and is now arthritic, but can not be helped with surgery. Maizy also has a mild hip dysplasia which is not causing problems at this time.

So, in the next month we are looking for her to start putting more weight on her back left leg. Right now she looks almost like she is walking on her tip toes on that foot. She is leashed every time she is outside so that she can not run or play and she is not allowed to play in the house, either. Wrigley seems greatly distressed by this, but everyone will have to adjust.

That's it! Nothing exciting really! I am glad that we saw this specialist. I was impressed by the amount that he saw in her xrays and just from feeling her joints. Please keep Miss M and her little knee in your thoughts! Thanks!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The vet, part 2

Today Maizy went to the vet for her xray appointment. This morning I took her in on my way to work. The doctor weighed her and gave her an injection while I was there and then she trotted off with him happily as I was left feeling like a mom taking their kid to the first day of preschool.

I was told to call and check up on her around 11:30 and when I called they told me that I could come in and meet with the doctor at 3pm to discuss Maizy's xrays.

I arrived at 3:00 and the doctor came in with Maizy on a leash. She was groggy and had her tail tucked so far under her that it was pressed to her belly, but I could tell that she was happy to see me because she walked around and around me in circles. When she is feeling like herself, this is her usual greeting, but with more bouncing.

The vet showed me the xrays and told me that he did not find anything wrong with her. While she was out, he checked her ACL and did not find any issues there, either. He referred us to an orthopedic doctor and sent us on our way.

I called the specialist as soon as we got out to the car and he had an appointment available for tomorrow at 6:40pm (on a Saturday, doesn't this seem like a weird time?), so we will go see him then. His consult fee is kind of high, but now that we have some money invested in this mystery, I want an answer. Plus, if there is a cure for her, I would love to find it.

Anyway, I brought Maizy home where she moped on the floor and looked groggy. I felt bad for her and didn't want her to be cold, so I wrapped her up like a burrito until she was feeling like climbing up on the couch where we watched Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

More updates tomorrow, I guess!

Maizy's Five Birthday

This is how we always talk to the dogs: "It's you five birthday! Today you have FIVE OLDS!" And what a five birthday, it was. Nothing special, since we are dealing with some seriously cold temperatures in Chicago, but Maizy did manage to have SOME fun...

She read a magazine with her girl.

Found a comfy place to watch a movie.

Crammed herself into a too-small space and helped girl with some research.

Spent some reflective time alone.

And dressed up as "Our Maizy of Guadalupe."

All in all a great day!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Images from the Weekend

The Vet, part 1

Miss Maizy A and I went to the vet yesterday to have him take a look at her knees. Maizy was happy as a clam to be going somewhere, as usual, but unhappy when she had to get on the vet's table to be examined. The vet felt around her hips and knees, but couldn't tell much through Maizy's muscular build. We have an appointment to go back on Friday where Maizy will be sedated for xrays. I can't think of a time when I've left her ANYWHERE since she was a puppy and was spayed, so I am kind of upset about the thought of leaving her behind. I will be going into work late and leaving early in order to drop her off and pick her up. I know she'll be in good hands, but I worry that she'll be sad without me! You can't explain what's going on to a dog.

Anyway, so we have that scheduled. Also, the vet said that Maizy looked skinny. He looked at her records and she has lost 6 lbs since the fall, so I have to up her food. She is down to a scrawny 68 lbs!
After we got home, Maizy was happy to lounge on the couch under her quilt. She is such a baby.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Literacy Maizy

On Saturday Maizy and I headed off again to the library so that children could practice their reading with her. Three kids showed up and Maizy heard a variety of books and especially enjoyed the attention of the library staff who fussed over her for several minutes before and after she went to work. It was great. Additionally, she acted like a big sulk when I made her go sit by "her sign" instead of letting people pet her for a minute. She refused to look at me or sit right. This is the best picture that I got. She is a pain in my butt.

Good for me, also, because I left the library with the new addition of a library card! I will go back sometime soon without Maizy so that I can browse. :)

Maizy has a vet appointment tomorrow so that her knees can be checked out. She is having some mobility issues that we are hoping to find a solution for. Maizy's unofficial (since we don't know the real date) 5th birthday is this week: January 15th! She is an ol' lady.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Blue, not Brown

Okay, so this is a blue pit bull, not a brown one, but this is possibly one of the cutest things I've ever seen on the internet!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Maizy's Cleaning Service

Last night Maizy and I had a great time visiting seniors. We showed up a little earlier than normal and almost everyone was nice to us and greated us warmly, which is a big change from before. I guess I am glad that I said something to the organizer about some of the staff treating us rudely.

Maizy met a lot of people, one woman who thought Maizy was a wiemeraner, one woman who used to have two dobies and told me all about how they liked car rides and how they only went to the bathroom in one part of the yard (she called picking up after them outside "picking up their dirt"). Another man sat down with Maizy and baby-talked her as she stared up into his face until she couldn't stand it and she kissed him. He just kept right on telling her how beautiful she was and how she was a great dog. He was there for several minutes just loving on her. It was so cute.

The visitor that takes the cake however was a man in his wheelchair who came up to Maizy. She sat between his feet and he was loving on her when I noticed that she was licking his front. At first I didn't know what she was doing and I said, "Maizy, what are you...?" and then I realized that the man had food on himself from dinner and Maizy was kindly cleaning him up. The man said "oh, I might have had some crumbs." I told him that Maizy was giving him the full-service visit and sharpening him up. :) Maizy especially loved that guy.

I took some pictures the other day of Maizy curled up on the couch (her usual spot). She looked so cute with her rope ball (a present from the pups' secret santa) that I couldn't resist bothering her.