Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Great Prodini

Well, the Brown Dog Dad is out of town this week at San Diego Comic Con, so I am left to manage the pack on my own. No problem unless I come home to find a raging thunderstorm (it was FINE by my work, 6 miles away) and an escaped Probert. I cleaned up his mess, took 20 minutes to try to bend his crate back into shape, and decided to try out his new sedative for the remainder of the storm. I gave him the minimum dose and boy, that stuff works good. Probert walked into a wall at one point. So, I stayed on the couch with him all night to keep him quiet and still and safe.

Oh, I guess I should mention that he has a new sedative because we had a recheck with the vet on Monday. Everyone is happy with his progress and he is completely off the old sedatives (no one thought they were very effective). He has the new ones only for super scary situations and nothing during the day other than his clomipramine. So far, so good?


Stella said...

Probert, did you see the Thunder shirt that was on my blog yesterday? I am going to check on that, it is $36 but pills add up fast, and you don't walk into walls!

Your friend Stella, another storm panic-er!

Nicole said...

Hi Stella! Yes, our vet has suggested that we use a tight shirt like that in conjunction with the medication. It works quite well. :)

Flo said...

Keep going PB lots of improvement in your future I just know it.
Soon you will be a fearless pup!