Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Run for Their Lives 2008

As the Dog Mom of three rescue dogs, I happen to think that dog rescue is very important. There are so many dogs out there who deserve a chance that it's heartbreaking to think about all of the dogs who die each year without ever having a real family or a toy or even a name!!

It is in the spirit of helping out other homeless pups that Maizy and I are going to participate in the 8th Annual PAWS Chicago Run for Their Lives on September 28th. We are doing the 4k walk portion, as dogs aren't allowed on the run (and Brown Dog Mom is not much of a runner, anyway!).

If you are feeling generous or have some extra change jingling around in your pockets, please consider donating. All of the costs of the event have been covered by corporate sponsors, so 100% of personal donations will go to help rescused animals.

Visit us and donate here!!

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Flo said...

That is awesome Nicole!!