Saturday, September 27, 2008

An adventure...

Today Probert and I headed out with the intention of stopping by our local Walgreens, which was scheduled to participate in the Photo shoot fundraiser for Best Friends. Unfortunately for us, we got there and nothing was going on!

So, on to plan B, we stopped at the pet store where we met some friendly strangers, took a short walk around the park, and then headed over to our favorite dog bakery, the K9 Cookie Company! Probert remains unsure about the baker there, but is mighty interested in watching him. I am sure if we keep going back, he will warm up. Also, Probert is a big fan of the cookies and muffins that we get there.

We still managed to have a fun couple of hours together even if things didn't go as planned. I will have to take a picture of Probert myself since we couldn't get it done today. It will be coming soon.

Tomorrow Maizy and I get up bright and early for the Run for Their Lives walk to raise money for PAWS Chicago! I am really looking forward to it (Maizy, too). We'll share pictures when it's all over!

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