Monday, September 29, 2008

Pups in the Backyard

Since Wrigley and Probert don't especially love to leave the house, I'm sorry that I don't often have much new scenery to plop them into for pictures. Hopefully their cuteness makes up for the lack of creative staging! Here are some pictures taken when Maizy and I got home yesterday.

The end of Wrigley's tongue appears to be stuck underneath the rest of his tongue. Perplexing!

Miss Tired Maizy.

Mr Fast Probert.


XombieNiteOfLivingDead said...

EEEE found you on petbulls :D

Brown Dog Mom said...

Hi Xombie! Welcome to our blog! :)

The Girl said...

Pictures of Wrigley and Probert are always welcome, no matter the background! :) (And of course, Miss Maizy, too!)