Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Maizy Bear

Maizy and her dad, 2005.

I hope that all of the other pups out there are enjoying the start of football season in the US! Maizy, for one, is suffering from some post-traumatic stress from this Sunday's game. After we came home from her test, she spent most of the day napping in the middle of the living room floor. Little did she know that once the Bears game started, Brown Dog Dad was going to jump up yelling several times, jolting her out of sleep and leaving her to look around the room in bewilderment. Eventually, I took pity on her and put her upstairs in her crate where she could rest peacefully. I hope her heart will recover.


Pug and Bugg said...

Booo Bears. Oh well. Our poor Colts better improve next game!! OH and we thought of you, we are going to a fun event Sept. 20 and at the event Indy Pit Crew is doing breed awareness! WOOHOO!!!!

The Girl said...

When I had my other dog, Shea, I was a huge baseball fan (Atlanta Braves, if you please!), and many a time poor Shea was driven outside by my enthusiasm, lol.

Brown dog kisses,
Dannan and The Girl