Wednesday, June 17, 2009

**Pomp and Circumstance**

Addy graduated basic obedience last night! I realize that all of the dogs graduate, but the whole thing was just so cute and Addy was such a good girl. We started up with a "warm up" and then a "sit, stay"-off. Addy was the first to break her sit and lay down because her front widdle weg gets tired sitting up like that for too long when she doesn't think it's necessary. Oh well. After that, we played a game where we could pick an "easy," "medium," or "hard" card from a pile with an instruction on it that your dog had to do. Addy did mostly "hard" cards and didn't mess up on any of them. In the end, she won the contest and got her first pick of toys (there was a big pile of toys in the middle of the room to choose from). She tried out all of the squeeks, but pounced with joy when she found a rope with (OMG!) tennis balls (OMG!) on it! She happily played with that toy all night. Afterwards, she got some "dog cake" and her certificate. Go Addy!
The advanced obedience class starting this month is full, but we are on the list for July, so I am looking forward to it. In the meantime, I am going to keep working with her on her skills and see what new ones we can learn. I love that little lady.
Here are some pictures:
Time to go to school!?
Heading out the door.
Pit bull driving hazard (we were stopped when I took this picture, but she did ride the whole way there like this).
Anything is Pawsible has this poster up in their entryway. Definitely part of their charm.
One widdle weg.
Tennis ball!!!!!

Dog cake, please?
P.S. I have a related video to share, too, but I will do it in another entry shortly!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Miss Addy!!!!

Good luck on your next training adventure!

Flo said...

Congrats Miss Addy Mae!

eednic said...

addy is so adorable! i just love her!! i'm so happy you are giving her a good home. i am, in fact, often overwhelmed with emotion at hearing about/seeing her accomplishments. maybe this sounds cheesy but thanks for lovin' pibbles!!!

Nicole said...

Thanks everyone! I am really proud of Addy for how much she's learned and how adaptable she's been in the last few months with losing her leg, travelling with strangers, adn finally getting a forever home! She is a great dog.

eednic, Thank you so much! It is people like you, who offer other pit bull parents kindness that make it easier to love and care for our dogs as best we can!! :)

Daisy Dog said...

Congrats Miss Addy! YOu are so adorabull! What an accomplishment for you both!

Nicole said...

Thank you, Daisy! :)