Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Gimmie Paw"

"Gimmie Paw" is one of my favorite dog tricks. It's relatively easy to teach (unless your dog is sketched out by having his paw touched like Probert and then it takes years), interactive, and cute. Maizy knows a cute variation of this trick called "gimmie brown" and "gimmie white" in which she will hand you either her white or brown paw. Wrigley knows "gimmie paw", "gimmie other paw", and "gimmie both" (something Maizy can't learn because of her arthritic knees). Probert has just gotten over the freak out factor of my touching his right paw and will "gimmie paw", but his left paw is still off-limits to me for now. It's coming, though.

The idea of teaching a three-legged dog to "give paw" was too cute to pass up and so I have been working on this with Addy. It has been a little tougher because there is a balance element when you are picking up your only front paw. I started off by luring her face up with a treat encouraging her to pick up the front paw. It worked well and yesterday we finally perfected this trick in time to share with her instructor, Rendy at Anything is Pawsible (I failed to mention this in the last post, but I cannot recommend Rendy enough - if you are in the Chicago are and looking for classes or private obedience work, go to her).

We got home and I took a video. I need both of my hands for this trick right now, so I put the camera on a box and well, cut off her head, but it will just have to do for now.

Addy Mae - "Gimmie Paw"


Princess said...

Wow she's good! I know shake and high five...but I think it's the same thing!

Flo said...

She is an allstar!

Stella said...

Absolutely wonderful work, Addy! The sky is the limit for you, girl!


Pug(s) and Bugg said...

I cannot believe you've taught them all those tricks. I can't get my two girls (puppy mill rescues) to learn ANYTHING. Literally I've spent HOURS pushing their butts down and saying sit, and they won't even physically sit down! You need to road trip to Indy and whip my pups into shape! :)

Nicole said...

Princess, You are so talented!!! :)

Pug(s) and Bugg, My former dog, Cornholio, would not learn sit for anything in the world. He was a stubborn little old man. Though, I think with the knowledge I have now, I could get him to sit... maybe. ;) Use really tempting treats and don't give up!