Friday, June 12, 2009

*itch itch*

Little sensitive Wrigley is at it again: broken out in hives! He did this once a couple years ago when we switched the dogs to a food with fish as a (minor) ingredient. By the process of elimination, we figured out that he is allergic to fish, but as he hasn't had any fish in the past few days, we're not sure what's causing this breakout. I think I might have given him a strawberry the day before yesterday, but I don't remember if it was him or Probert, actually. So, maybe no more strawberries.

We gave him some antihistamine last night and this morning all of the hives on his lower half are gone and now he just has them right on top of his back (where he didn't have them yesterday), so I guess they are working their way up and out. Hopefully when I get home from work today he will be lump-free.

As you can see, being lumpy has not deterred him from being adorably happy and alternately beggy. He doesn't seem to be that bothered by the hives except for when you give him a scritch he practically melts into your hand. Poor itchy Wrigley Bean.


Princess said...

I just don't know how you do it!! 4 beautiful lovable pitties in your house!! I would die of happiness and love everyday! Not to mention exhaustion from the daily routine of feedings and what not! ;o)
~P's Mom

Nicole said...

Well, there are many days when I do not want to go to work, but it must be done in order to keep everyone in kibble and broccoli and blankets and toys. :)

But yes, between the walks and playtimes and training and other assorted fun... it is sometimes a lot to keep the dogs happy and the house in order!

Ike said...

Oh no! That must suck!

Daisy Dog said...

Oh wow! I have never seen a reaction like that! I am glad he is geting better!

Tee said...

Hello there!

We be the Dog WOods Pack ... what happy looking dogs you all are. NEver seen a dog with hives before ... we hope he's doing better.

Licks and wags

The Dog Woods Pack

Tatiana said...

Hi Nicole,
I was doing a search on google and I found a pic of your dog and it looks exactly like the bumps my dogs have. I didn't know what it was all this time but now I am sure it is hives like u mentioned in your blog. I am glad I found your blog.
I tried to think what is causing this problem on my dogs and I am sure this new shampoo I was using for the last 2 weeks caused the hives.
I would love to know how you treated your dog for hives. Both my dogs are pits also.
I am going to Petco tomorrow to buy an antiallergic shampoo and bathe both of them. I read u gave ur dog antihistamine...u mean benadryl for humans or do they have something for dogs? how much should I give them, one is 41lbs the other one is 46lbs?
Is ur dog ok now?
I hope to hear from u soon. Thanks.

Tatiana said...

ops, sorry I forgot to give u my email:

Thank u

Nicole said...

Hi Tatiana,

I am sorry to hear that your dogs are also itchy! Yes, we gave Wrigley human benadryl which is safe for dogs as far as I know (and he was okay with it). We gave him one pill, I think, which was the equivalent dose for a human of his size.

I am glad you figured out what the problem was and can eliminate it. I wouldn't put anything on them until the hives are gone since they are probably really itchy.

And yes, Wrigley is TOTALLY fine now. I hope that is helpful! Take care!

Tatiana said...

Hi Nicole,
thanks for your help.
I gave my dogs Benadryl 25mg for each dog.
They still have the bumps. Should I give them more? I have no idea and I am afraid to give too much.
Thank you.

Nicole said...

Hi Tatiana,

I think maybe it is time to contact the vet! Good luck, I hope your dogs are okay!

Ste said...

Hi Nicole,

Poor Wrigley's condition looks very much like a reaction my Staffordshire Bull Terrier Shandy is having now. The lumps came up in hours and seem to be disapearing on their own after a few hours. I think I may have made a mistake in giving her the last spoon of my strawberry pudding! That's all I can think of that she hasn't had before, and she won't be having it again. I@m glad I saw your pics, because I was beginning to wonder if it might be something serious.

I'm a little more confident about leaving her until Monday now before thinking about the vet (weekend callout fees and all...eek!)

thanks again, I'lll be adding your blog to my google reader list!!

Excuse the typing, I'm being perstered for skritches!

Nicole said...

Hi Ste,

I'm glad that this blog entry could give you some peace of mind about your pup! The hives don't look good, but will go away on their own as long as there isn't a more serious allergic reaction (that affects breathing or something). We took Wrigs in to the vet once when he had these lumps and they gave him a steroid shot which sped up the process a bit, but an anti-histamine works okay, too (and they recommended it for next time). Hope your pup is feeling better already! I've noticed that the hives usually move up the body and then disappear completely.

Mandi-Jayne said...

I'm so glad i read your blog, my little staffordshire bull terrier Tikki came up in exactly the same bumps as in your pictures of Wrigley. I was panicking over wether my vet had diagnosed her earlier today correctly, but reading your blog has put my mind at rest.
Poor Tikki doesn't look good at all right now but now at least i know she'll recover back to her usual bouncy self.
Thank you very much for such an informative blog, you've been an enormous help to both Tikki and myself.
Much love, Mandi and Tikki x

Nicole said...

Hi Mandi-Jayne! Glad we could help put your mind at ease! The hives don't look pretty, but it seems like there is no long-term damage if it's just an allergic reaction!

Anonymous said...

This is a little late, but benadryl dosing is most important. My dog had hives. The formula is 1mg PER 1 pound of body weight. So a 25# dog gets 25 mg= 1 pill since they come in 25mg pills. Hope this is helpful.

pook said...

My baby girl woke up with hives, she also threw up a few times, we are going to try Benedryl. I hope it works. By the way I have 2 pits and I love them to pieces. Your dogs are BEAUTIFUL

Jean Camuso Hubble said...

WOW, So glad I found this blog. The bumps look just like the bumps on my Java. I was getting really concerned but thought it strange they come and can be gone less than an hour later. Are they itchy? He was scratching quite a bit the last week and I used Advantix thinking he may have gotten fleas, could it be from the flea and tick medicine or I wonder if it's the pollen in the bushes high grass he likes to go in when he gets hot at the park. Or the rug cleaning solution they used to clean the rugs at work, he's my work partner :D Going to try the benadryl and avoid the area with the bushes. Thanks so much for posting this...I can see it has helped several dog lovers!