Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy 101st!

For our 101st post (and the Brown Dog Mom's birthday - that's ME!), it's time to share some pictures that I have entitled "Big vs. Little" or "Wrigley and Addy Play Biteyface."


They are like two peas in a pod, let me tell you... :)


Princess said...

Oh my goodness!! That last one is priceless!! I burst out laughing so hard at my desk!!

Have a Happy Birthday! I'm sure it's not hard with all the pupply love in your house!

~P's Mom

Chris said...

Happy Birthday!

Your dogs are great! I am amazed at how well Addy gets around. We had a Rott that lost a back leg to cancer, but the front is a lot tougher to lose.

Flo said...

That last one deserves a frame!!!!!

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Rinalia said...

Happy B-day to you and happy 101st post!

Addy is the best tripod pit bull evar.

Sprite, the odd dog. said...

whoa. those are some awesome pics!

Nicole said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes and other comments, everyone!

No, Flo, I don't think I'll be framing a picture of my dog's butt just yet. People already think I'm wacky enough. ;)