Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Maizy's Cleaning Service

Last night Maizy and I had a great time visiting seniors. We showed up a little earlier than normal and almost everyone was nice to us and greated us warmly, which is a big change from before. I guess I am glad that I said something to the organizer about some of the staff treating us rudely.

Maizy met a lot of people, one woman who thought Maizy was a wiemeraner, one woman who used to have two dobies and told me all about how they liked car rides and how they only went to the bathroom in one part of the yard (she called picking up after them outside "picking up their dirt"). Another man sat down with Maizy and baby-talked her as she stared up into his face until she couldn't stand it and she kissed him. He just kept right on telling her how beautiful she was and how she was a great dog. He was there for several minutes just loving on her. It was so cute.

The visitor that takes the cake however was a man in his wheelchair who came up to Maizy. She sat between his feet and he was loving on her when I noticed that she was licking his front. At first I didn't know what she was doing and I said, "Maizy, what are you...?" and then I realized that the man had food on himself from dinner and Maizy was kindly cleaning him up. The man said "oh, I might have had some crumbs." I told him that Maizy was giving him the full-service visit and sharpening him up. :) Maizy especially loved that guy.

I took some pictures the other day of Maizy curled up on the couch (her usual spot). She looked so cute with her rope ball (a present from the pups' secret santa) that I couldn't resist bothering her.


Dannan and The Girl said...

Those pictures of Maizy are wonderful! She is so darling, no wonder everybody wants to love on her!

Nicole said...

She is a big cuddlebutt when she wants to be. :)

Flo said...

Ha ha haaaa
Maizy is a full service citizen!
With great edicate (sp?)