Monday, January 19, 2009

The vet, part 3

Hi Brown Dog Friends... Sorry I didn't post an update right away. I've been busy enjoying the long weekend with the brown pups.

Anyway, Maizy's visit to the Orthopedic specialist on Saturday evening went well. The doctor determined that Maizy has now torn her left knee and that is her current problem. Since her right knee healed reasonably well with rest, we will rest her for a month and she will take Rimadyl to see if she gets better. If not, she will have surgery on her knee. The vet went over the costs with me and let's just say that I'm hoping for a recovery with rest!

The doctor also looked at her right knee and said that it was torn at one time and is now arthritic, but can not be helped with surgery. Maizy also has a mild hip dysplasia which is not causing problems at this time.

So, in the next month we are looking for her to start putting more weight on her back left leg. Right now she looks almost like she is walking on her tip toes on that foot. She is leashed every time she is outside so that she can not run or play and she is not allowed to play in the house, either. Wrigley seems greatly distressed by this, but everyone will have to adjust.

That's it! Nothing exciting really! I am glad that we saw this specialist. I was impressed by the amount that he saw in her xrays and just from feeling her joints. Please keep Miss M and her little knee in your thoughts! Thanks!!


Flo said...

I hope Maizy is staying warm and well rested!

MJ's doghouse said...

OH miss Maizy I sure hope you are up and at em soon...poor guy...sometimes my front left leg hurts...especially when i first get up from a long long long nap..I think mom is going to take me to the Vet...but i dont care...cuz i know where they try and hide the treats from me...i am so lucky...i love reading your blog are so pretty

nl1990 said...

rest up Maizy and happy 5!!!