Monday, December 29, 2008

Storytime With Maizy

After seeing our picture in the paper on Wednesday, I admit that I was a little nervous about storytime today at the Oak Park Public Library. When we came in and asked the security guard where to go, he said "is that the dog from the pictures" and then I saw pictures of us on 11X17" paper posted all over the children's section of the library. Wow! All went well, however, as no dogs or kids were harmed and everyone had a good time. Maizy and I were sequestered in a back office where we waited while the librarian read books to the kids (a very young crowd) about "good dogs." Maizy fell asleep and let out a mighty "woof woof!" when she was startled awake by the door when the librarian came to get us. I went in and introduced myself and Maizy. I ended up keeping it short because the kids were very small. I talked about how Maizy is a good dog and that pit bulls are good dogs, I talked about how she is a rescue dog, I talked about her training requirements and what she does as a TDI therapy dog, I talked about how she doesn't get paid, I talked about the three things we always have on a therapy dog visit (her tag, her bandana, and her ID card), and most importantly (probably) I talked about the right way to approach and pet a new dog. All of the kids did a really great job with letting Maizy sniff and petting under her jaw and not on top of her head. She probably met about 30 kids and their adults, it was quite a packed house. She was a good dog and hopefully we will be invited back to the library again sometime!


nl1990 said...

good job maizy! happy new year to the whole brown dog family!


Flo said...

Maizy is a rockstar!
I want one of her posters autographed...seriously! :)

Dannan and The Girl said...

Happy WROO year, Brown Dog Family!

Hey, Maizy is a STAR! That is so awesome! As important as it was that the kids learned how to meet an unfamiliar dog, I think it is just as important that they are meeting a bully breed and learning that they are not the monsters that the media so often portrays them. Now they each have met a bully, and they will remember her when they come across the prejudice later. And they'll challenge it, all because of you and Maizy!

Nicole said...

Thanks for your very kind comments, everyone!!!