Monday, December 7, 2009

Wrigley Beans, International Superstar

The other day, a mysterious envelope arrived in the mail addressed to "Mr. Wrigley 'Beans' Hopman." I was puzzled for a moment, but then realized right away that it must be fan mail from Wrigley's self-proclaimed biggest fan!!

And just check out how happy he was! Wrigley is typically the dog that doesn't insist on being paid attention to the way the other dogs do, so he sometimes fades into the background. But for a few minutes, it was all about him!

In unrelated news, I feel like I should mention that the Brown Dog Dad and I have split up and he will be moving out this week. I say this only because I might mention it in a later post and forget that I haven't said anything previously, so there it is. I will be staying in our house with all of the brown dogs (and Addy!) for the foreseeable future! Their lives will remain pretty much as-is, though I am thinking about turning the basement into a doggie playroom and also moving all of their crates into the second bedroom so they're not all watching me when I sleep. But yes, the same other than that!


Rachel said...

He - I love these photos!

The cats watch me as I sleep. Sometimes I wake up and they are both staring at me. It is.... unnerving...

Nicole said...

The dogs are not only unnerving, but they also wait for you to make the slightest movement in the morning so that they can start barking at you that it's time to go outside. I can't even roll over after 4am because there are at least one set of expectant eyes staring at me!