Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Had another successful Pinups for Pitbulls fundraiser in the Chicagoland area this weekend at Natural Pet Market in Wheaton, IL. Tracy, the owner of Natural Pet Market, is a fellow calendar girl and the event was so much fun! It was attended with adorable adoptables from Bombshell Bullies and food was provided by Upton's Naturals.

My favorite adoptable bully was a little guy named Cookie Monster. If you are in the "market" for a new pup, definitely contact Bombshell Bullies about him. He is a GREAT dog. Totally loveable and well-behaved.

But the BEST part of the whole event was when Tracy contacted me later that night to let me know that we'd raised $1000!! That brings the grand total for Chicago fundraisers to $3300 this year so far! We owe so much to the great support we've gotten here and all of the awesome companies who have donated their time, products, and money. We're really fortunate. Thank you, from the pups! :)


Flo said...

awww Cookie Monster!
Also great job!!!

Anonymous said...
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Daisy Dog said...

Great fundraising!! Happy New year!

Anonymous said...

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