Friday, December 4, 2009


Hi friends! Sorry for our horrific lack of updating lately, but we will get to that in a future post maybe.

So in the last post, I mentioned Probert's vet visit. Well, sometime last week, I got a phone message from the vet saying that Probert's blood test is great, but that she needs to talk to me about the lump on his back. I spent all day trying not to freak out, but unable to speak with her because she was in appointments. Finally, around 4pm, she calls and tells me that the aspiration of Probert's lump showed a suspicious amount of spindle cells and that to be safe, it should come off soon.

I called a friend, who immediately googled and read me this page about Canine Spindle Cell Sarcoma, which would likely be what Probert has.

Probert's surgery along with his dental cleaning was scheduled for the 15th of December until this weekend when he managed to somehow break a tooth! The tooth was badly broken and so with the help of the vet, I was able to move his surgery date up to this past Wednesday. On Wednesday they cleaned his teeth, removed the broken tooth, and also removed his tumor.

It was a hard day and when I finally got to pick him up, the tech checking me out warned me before I saw him that the incision was very big because they needed to take out a wide margin around the tumor to be sure they got "everything" in case it was cancer.

So, it's a couple of days later and Probert is doing pretty well and I am just so happy to have him home and alive and hopefully cancer-free. We will find out next week about the biopsy results, but everything I've read and heard has told me that even if it is cancer, this is typically a very localized type and that he should be fine. Please keep him in your thoughts. I just want him to heal well and be okay.

That's been part of our adventures lately! I hope that you are all doing better and that we will catch up with you all soon!


Stella said...

Wishing you the very best, Probert, and hoping that the vet did "get it all". Take it easy while you heel and know that your friends are rooting for you.


Stella said...

Uhhhh, thats Heal of course, not other other one.


Laura said...

sending good vibes his way! - yesididit

Chris said...

Best wishes and big hugs to Probert. Hope all turns out well.

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

Feel better Probert!!!! Praying for awesomely clean margins and no problems whatsoever!

Anonymous said...

Hi Probert! I had THREE teeth out a couple of weeks ago!! You can check out the pix on my blog.

Yer (almost toofless) pal,