Thursday, April 23, 2009

Settling In

Things are going well as Addy Mae settles into the pack. On Tuesday I took the day off work to drive to Ft Wayne, IN where I met Addy's foster mom (she was kind enough to drive from Columbus, OH to meet me). I collected the pup and we were on our way back to Chicago.

Before arriving home, we visited my husband at work and then Addy and I went home and took a much-needed nap on the couch.

When Shawn came home from work, we did the formal pup introductions (one by one, starting outside on neutral territory). Addy was a little overwhelmed and showed teeth to everyone. Maizy was unphased and friendly, Wrigley was devistated that his attempts to play with her were shot down, and Probert was Probert.

Since Tuesday, the interactions between Addy and brown pups have been limited and highly supervised. She and Wrigley have become pretty good friends since she likes to chase him and he loves to be chased. You would be surprised at how fast she can move on three legs only two weeks out from her surgery! I will take a video when I am able. Her and Maizy laid on the couch yesterday with their butts touching, which I am told is a good thing. We are waiting for Probert to chill out about her presence before they spend too much time together.

Addy herself is getting much more comfortable with her new surroundings. She is more energetic and curious. She follows Justice kitty around and around the downstairs trying to figure him out, but keeping her distance (as he is full of growls and hisses). She plays fetch in the house with her dino cuz. Yesterday I learned that she can sproing over the back of the couch from the floor. Being "disabled" is not slowing her down one bit! She also throws quite a fit about being put in her crate, but eventually settles down. The brown pups did the same thing with crate training, so I am sure she will be fine once she is used to the routine.

And with that, I am headed to Texas this evening! My husband will be left in charge of the pack. Wish him well. :):)


MJ's doghouse said...

I am so happy that Addie is doing so well...lucky puppy...i am trying to convince mommy to get me some day maybe...

Nicole said...

Thanks very much, MJ! The brown dogs think that having another friend around is okay... sometimes. :):)