Monday, April 20, 2009

Breaking the Mold

So this weekend I participated in a dog transport. A dog named Mystic was going from a rescue in Nebraska to Measle's in Ohio (where Probert comes from). We were at about the halfway point in the trip, so on Saturday night I picked up Mystic in Elgin, IL and Sunday morning I dropped her off near the Indiana border for her to continue on the next leg of her trip. The time that she was in our home, she was a great dog and acted as my shadow. She was the sweetest dog.

When my husband and I were both home on Sunday, we missed her terribly and decided that her home was here. Unfortunate for the people who sacrified their time to take her between Chicago and Columbus, but tomorrow I am going to pick her up and bring her back to Chicago where she will become a member of the pack (and honorary brown pup).

We saw on her vet records that they had changed her name to "Adie Mae" and since Addison is one of the streets that Wrigley Field is located on, we decided to change her name to Addison, Addy for short.

Addy's story is that she was brought in to a vet's office with a healed broken leg by a man. The man left her and could not be contacted for three weeks. At that point, I guess she was surrendered to the Humane Society who had the surgery done to remove her leg (as well as do her spay) and were sending her to Measle's for adoption. Well, she's being adopted alright! Her leg was removed a little less than two weeks ago and she is already getting around very well. I can't wait to see her again and properly introduce her to the pack.

I won't change the blog name, but I guess I could at least change the subtitle up there, huh? :)


Pug(s) and Bugg said...

YAYYYYY! How exciting! She looks just beautiful I can't wait to see more pictures and hear more about her!

Flo said...

I am so happy for your furry family!
Addy is in a great home!

Whitney said...

Adorable dog! I'm glad she has a good home now:).

nl1990 said...

Welcome to Chicago to the honorary brown dog!!!


Nicole said...

Thanks so much for your nice comments, everyone! We were happy to add Addy to the pack. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh so glad you kept her! just read most of your older posts, love you blog and your love for the breed!

Nicole said...

Thanks for checking us out, Daisy dog!