Thursday, December 4, 2008

0 Days Without An Incident

Despite our best efforts, Probert is still finding ways to escape. I am on the hunt for a new crate for him, since his is all but destroyed (it is pretty old, so it's probably time time to replace anyway). I am looking for a non-collapsable crate, as I think that he might be less likely to escape from that.

Additionally, Probert is finding ways to create havoc from inside his crate. Last week he moved his crate up against Wrigley's and pulled Wrigley's entire twin-sized blanket into his own crate through the slats. Earlier this week Probert had barfed on his usual queen-sized comforter, which I had cleaned and set outside his crate (a few feet away) until I could wash it. I came home from work that day to find that he had pulled an entire queen sized comforter into his crate through one small slat... and then de-fluffed it. Seriously, the dog is a maniac!

The good thing is that nothing major has been distroyed in Probert's recent outings and I have also figured out that leaving the TV on for the dogs does wonders to keep them calm while we're away. Yesterday I came home and went upstairs and they weren't even waiting for me, they were all curled up sleeping without a clue that I was even in the house.

We'll see what happens today!


Anonymous said...

We got this crate for Dawkins after he was escaping his other one all of the time.

He has tried hard but he hasn't even been able to bend a single part of it. Finally he gave up and we went 3 years without an attempted escape!

We got it at PetCo for $70. The cheapest and best crate I ever bought.

We did wire tie everything except the door until he stopped trying to escape.

If you can't find one, I can see about bringing his old one up to you sometime. We'd like to keep it for future fosters/residents but you could borrow it unitl you find something.


supercarrot said...

NPR on the radio might be better for your energy bills than a TV would. :-)

MJ's doghouse said...

hey probert nice to check out your blog without having to look at your a good doggy and make your mom happy..

Anonymous said...

i've found the food network is a good channel to leave the tv on since they're always voices are always happy and enthusiastic while they talk about food.

Dannan and The Girl said...

That Probert, what a guy! That's crazy, pulling all the blankets and comforters into his crate! Knock on wood that the not-so-destructive phase lasts until you get a Probert-proof crate!