Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tomato Season

Something is going on with my tomato plants that is making them all drop their tomatoes to the ground before they're even ripe. I think the tomato plants gave up on leaves and stems a month or so ago when we had a bunch of rain, but the tomatoes keep coming from somewhere. This makes it prime tomato-stealing season for the pups. Not a day goes by that I don't have to kick someone out of the garden only to see a blur of brown fur fly by with something red (or green or somewhere in between) in it's mouth.

Maizy perfected the art of tomato stealing earlier in the summer when she also successfully snuck a tomato into the house, as evidenced in this video...

Also, please notice that Wrigley is the sweetest thing on four legs and is perpetually confused about where everyone else gets such great stuff. It rarely occurs to him that going somewhere he shouldn't be (in the garden!) is an option!

(P.S. I'm back! My trip was excellent, but I admit to sitting on a bench near the dog park missing my pups on more than one occasion! I am glad to be home.)


Joe Stains said...

I am going to whisper so he doesn't hear it but I think *wrigley might have a little doofus in him*

The Girl said...

Welcome home!

I noted the fierce and bloodthirsty pit bull in the video! In seriousness, Maizy was so good! They always look so puzzled when we take away something they've found for themselves!

You could totally see Wrigley wondering why he didn't get a tomato, too!

Brown Dog Mom said...

Joey, I think it's entirely true that Wrigley might be a little doofus-y. It can't be helped, I suppose.

The girl, Thanks! Yeah, Maizy is a good girl and will give up something if asked, but not without the sad sad face. And poor Wrigley, he just doesn't have it figured out.