Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Little Trouble Probert

As you may or may not have noticed already, Probert is a total handful trouble maker. That doesn't change the fact that I love his little butt dearly, but boy is he a problem sometimes. Yesterday I came home from work and it was one of those times. Apparently Probert has perfected the skill of unlatching his crate and I came home to find a happy dog bouncing around a house filled with gas. He must have jumped up at the stove and turned on one of the burner knobs during his unsupervised romp around the house. He also pooped in the living room (twice), and knocked in the gate to the cat room. Other than that, the house was surprisingly in tact. I am mostly just glad that he didn't explode the house, to be honest.

So, it was an hour or so of fans and open windows (not good for late fall in Chicago!) to air the house out and then Probert and I picked up the Brown Dog Dad and went to the store to buy clips to further reinforce his crate doors. I joked that going to the store was his punishment because he is scared of strangers, new places, etc. Sorry little man, you couldn't be trusted at home so you had to go.

Anyway, now I am fairly confident that Probert is sufficiently locked up at home and I have big plans to come home today to a non-exploded house with no errant poops and no loose puppies. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Speaking of safety, check out the HSUS article on keeping your pets safe this Halloween!


Dannan and The Girl said...

Wow, Probert is pretty clever to figure out the crate latch! When I have to be in a crate or x-pen, I just lie down and look tortured.

We're glad that no explosions happened, that's for sure!

We are already having kids with fireworks at night setting them off. I hate fireworks, they make me very upset. As The Girl types this for me, I am hiding in the bathroom with the fan on.

Brown dog kisses,

Flo said...

PB has a career as a magician!
He is very talented...but how can you get upset with that mug!!