Saturday, August 30, 2008

Poor Maizy A

On Thursday, I got home from work and let the dogs out, as I always do. However, when we came in I saw that Big Brown was bleeding from both paws! I took a closer look and she has somehow injured both of her higher-up paw pads. They are these little ball paw pads on the backs of her "wrists" and both were nearly stripped of their original tough skin. Poor M!

I cleaned and bandaged her up and she looked so cute (and sporty!). When Brown Dog Dad came home he said, "She's a maniac... maniac...!" and I corrected him. She is a "Maizyiac!"

Anyway, I opted to make Thursday night a lazy night at home with Maizy so that I could be sure she wasn't messing with her paws. We had a great time reading, watching tv, and being squashed to death cuddling.

Perhaps needless to say, but 75 pounds of brown dog on your legs can sure cut off circulation. But it is SO CUTE.



Anonymous said...

Poor Maizy! We hope her paws and wrists are feeling better soon!

MJ's doghouse said...

way to "work the injury" Maizy...i love to play lap dog with any available lap..i hope your pads get better soon...