Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Big Dog: Maizy Anne

Okay, so before we get too far, I'd say it's time to introduce the "brown dogs"! We'll start with the oldest, Miss Maizy Anne.
Customized collar from CollarMania.com.

Maizy came into our lives on October 10, 2004. She was a gangly little pup who had been living at PACCA (Philadelphia Animal Care and Control). She was all legs and paws and she raced around like a maniac when we met her. My husband was in love. My only concern was that any new dog get along with Cornholio. Maizy ignored him fully and he ignored her, so we were off to a good start. It was time to go HOME!

Maizy's first day home.

She was 9 months old and 27 pounds. We had no idea that she would someday grow to be closer to 75. She was fully in love with Cornholio, who of course wanted nothing to do with her. Many times, laying in bed the scene would play out where Maizy would slowly scoot closer and closer to Corny as he slept until they were touching. Then, he would grumpily wake up and move positions to get away from her. Maizy never gave up. No matter how "worked up" and crazy she got in her puppy play, she was always careful of Cornholio. It is a good thing because she once split my nose open like a boxer when her skull collided with my face during one of her excited bouncing episodes! Maizy and Cornholio were friends until the end.

Cornholio with Maizy, the day she came home from her spay.

Now, a few years later, Maizy is the "go anywhere" dog in the house. She loves people and reacts well to new situations. She recently passed her Canine Good Citizen test and will test next to become a therapy dog. We figure that she is a Pit Bull/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, as that is what she most looks like. We celebrate her birthday on January 15.

Maizy is my near-constant companion. She loves strangers and children. She loved our recent visit to the K9 Cookie Company in Oak Park. She likes toys that squeak and is the big boss in our pack since Cornholio's passing. She loves to drink water out of the hose and snack on veggies. Last year when we grew tomatoes in the backyard, it only took Maizy a few days to realize that those delicious cherry tomatoes that I would give her were available for the taking right off the plant! She would go straight to the source and chow down.

Maizy is also a huge lap dog (see my user picture). If you are sitting on the ground, chances are that she will be trying to sit on your lap. If you're laying in bed, she is sitting on your head/chest/stomach/legs, no matter how poorly she fits. She has even walked over and plopped herself down in the lap of a man begging for change as we were walking through Philadelphia one evening. When we participated in the Global Mala Project in Philadephia, Maizy accompanied people taking breaks by sitting on them. She loves all laps equally.

So, that is my girl. Up next, the boys!

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