Friday, August 22, 2008

Hi there!

L to R: Wrigley, Maizy, Nicole, and Probert

Hello and welcome to The Brown Dog Blog. My name is Nicole and I am the mom of three brown pit bull mixes who are the loves of my life. I write about my dogs a lot in my personal blog and thought it was time for them to have one of their own. "The pups," as they are called by friends and family, are each rescues coming from uniquely different situations (and three different US states!). Somehow they all ended up living with my husband, me, and our two cats. We recently made the long move from Philadelphia to Chicago and are loving the change. Our new backyard is bigger and much more enjoyable for the dogs than the previous house, with a deck, a garage, trees (sticks!) and more.
In this blog I hope to share funny moments, tips, photos, videos, articles, stories, etc about what it's like to live with these three mushy lovepups who are sometimes stigmatized because of their breed and beginnings. I hope you will fall in love like I did.


Joe Stains said...

You have to get yourself signed up over at Dogs with Blogs!!

Kandiss said...

hey sweets! i can't wait to hear more about the adventures of wrigs, probert and maizy!

Flo said...

Cutest and sweetest 3 brown pups ever!

A&S said...

joe stains sent us over. nice to meet you! hope to hear more from you all soon. can't wait to meet the third brown dog!