Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Well Hello!

Wow, we have been slacking on updating this past weeks! Sorry about that. I saw that some people asked how Probert is doing in his new crate and the answer is "pretty good"! There have been a few incidents where we've come home and the crate is moved (and a little bent), but overall, things in crate land seem to be better than they were. **Knock on wood.**

Nothing of particular interest has been going on. The pups have been playing, biteyfacing, walking, running, tugging, and chasing more than ever now that the weather has cooled down a little bit. In fact, Maizy was outside helping me in the garden the other day and I took this picture.

"Nope, not done yet!"
Addy has been doing well in advanced obedience classes. There is only one other dog in class this time around, which has been fantastic. Lots of space and attention for both dogs. We are still working on some of her barking, but everything seems to be going well! Last week on our way home from school, Addy and I saw a huge rainbow that went right over the Chicago Loop. I could only get a picture of half of it, but managed to get the passing El train as well as the Sears Tower.

Addy enjoyed it, too:

And since Wrigley is the only one I haven't mentioned in this entry, I should mention that Wrigley is doing good, too. He and Addy have been wrestling and biteyfacing and generally creating chaos every free second that they have together. It is both adorable and a constant tripping hazard!


Rachel said...

More Wriggles pictures please (I know I obsessed with the big brown lump :D)

Nicole said...

I actually have some Wrigley videos that I will share soon!

Stella said...

Addie is my favorite. Do you have any videos of Addie in her class? I would like to see that.


Nicole said...

Hi Stella, I don't have any videos of Addy at school, but maybe I can make a video at home of her showing off some of her new skills. :)

Chris said...

Addy is really such a cutie. And I loved seeing the rainbow over Chicago, makes me miss it, just a little!