Friday, August 28, 2009

Epic Biteyface

No dogs were harmed during the events portrayed in these pictures. Addy and Wrigley are great friends, they just both like to play rough.


Pug(s) and Bugg said...

LOL! I love the one where Addy is taking a leg to the face- her expression is so cute!

My puggies fight like this, but it just doesn't look convincing when you don't have a snout.

Ashley said...

Lola (which is also a little black bully) likes to play dirty and bite legs too! Fortunately Dixie is very tolerant and just sits on her when she gets too upity :-p

Nicole said...

Pug(s) and Bugg, I like that one, too. And you are right, Wrigley does look pretty convincing. Personally, I think he looks like a battling sea lion from some kind of nature show. He is serious about biteyface. :D

Ashley, Yes, Wrigley doesn't seem to mind that Addy is also trying to turn him into a dog with only "fwee widdle wegs." :)

Stella said...

Serious players!


Babs said...

Our dogs play rough, too, with lots of "biteyface" and "chickenleg" thrown in. (Chickenleg is grabbing the other's leg and pulling them across the room.)

Folks at the dogpark are sometimes appalled, but hey, the girls are safe and happy!

Nicole said...

Hahaha, "chickenleg" - Wrigley does this to Addy sometimes when she tires (this is rare). It is really funny!

Chris said...

These are just too funny! My favorite is the 5th one down where Addy takes a upper cut, priceless!
You're right Wrigley does look like a sea lion or pissed-off walrus.

My rotties play like that in the backyard and they are very vocal! I am sure the neighbors think the dogs are killing something or someone. All in good fun!

Nicole said...

Chris, Hehe, yes. I tried for a minute yesterday to find a picture of a sea lion or walrus to compare Wrigley to in the one picture where he is standing. :)

I am sure our neighbors wonder what is going on, too, but everyone is unharmed, so definitely nothing bad is going on. :)

Flo said...

The 5th picture looks like a slow motion shot from a fighting match. Where you would see drool fly out of her mouth.
I have to say....wrigsbean shocked me...never knew he even had teeth like that. He is just such a cuddlebutt!

Lilo, The Great Rock Eater said...

My Madie and I play like that all the time!!! It scares people because she's a bigger dog adn I'm a little pug. We make mean faces and scary noises, but i's all in fun!!! It looks like you two had a good time =)


Nicole said...

Flo, it is always shocking for me to see Wrigley act like a dog and not a big cuddly lump. :)

Lilo, I am glad that you are having fun playing biteyface, too! It is a good game.

Paxton said...

What a familiar scene! Only difference is that when I play with Paxton in a 'rough' way, he too bares his teeth but when he clamps his big chomps around my arm it is as if he draws those new fangs into his gums because he is just so gentle! Great ambassador for his breed too.

Looks like they were having great fun.