Friday, May 29, 2009

Run, Wrigley, Run

As promised, I have taken a few more videos of Addy running around and well... acting like a DOG. Admittedly, she is a pesky little sister kind of dog, but Wrigley seems to be patient enough. Plus, it certainly won't hurt if he can parlay this exercise into losing a few pounds (but don't tell him I said so!).

Addy loves to chase Wrigley all around the deck and he loves to run from her. You will also notice that Wrigley is too big to fit between the deck slats, but Addy fits just fine. Once she catches up to him she tries to pull on his collar to get him to resume playtime. It doesn't usually work because by the time Wrigley starts to try to escape her for real and not just for the game, he is dead tired.

What a good brother he is.


Princess said...

'Hold on a sec, I found this cool stick to chew on...ok! I'm ready to chase you again!!' Haha, I loved it!! :o)

~P's Mom

Nicole said...

Addy is going through a stick phase right now. She loves to play with toys and since she brings all of the "outside" toys inside, the only thing left out there is sticks!

Stella said...

I am mad for Addy, she is beautiful and knows no fear, does she?

Have you met the handsome Dannan?
He is a brown dog too, a tripod and very sweet!


MJ's doghouse said...

they are both so friggin cute...mj needs a friend soon...we have been looking but we dont want one too young or too old lady i am

Anonymous said...

Run Wrigley Run! Cutest videos!

Tracy said...

addy and wrigley are so cute...they're running around...I think they enjoy each other very much...thank you for sharing