Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back to School

So last night was week one of Addy's dog training class. Of course, on week one, only the people come and the dogs get to stay home. So, I went to be trained (and to hand over the $$$ and fill out paperwork). We are going to be working with Rendy Schwartz at Anything is Pawsible in Chicago. It's funny that I have driven past this place a million times and never really took note of the name. My favorite produce store is right across the street!

Anyway, based on the hour that we spent last night, I really like Rendy and I am excited to see how Addy will do in class next week. There are 6 total dogs in class (which is the max allowed). I don't remember them all, but there is a Maizie (don't remember her breed or age), a 5 month old dobie, a 6 year old mini schnauzer, a 5 month old mini schnauzer, and a 1.5 year old chihuahua. A nice mix, I think! At the start of class, we introduced ourselves and our dogs and said something that we loved about our dogs (because so many people go to training just because they're frustrated with their dogs!). I said that I loved Addy because I wasn't planning to get another dog, but she won me over anyway. I am excited to meet all of the other dogs.

And if things work out with Rendy, I am hoping to see what we can do with the other dogs. Maybe some work with Wrigley and Probert. Also, Rendy teaches a therapy dog class which might be a nice refresher for Maizy. We'll see where it goes! "Anything is Pawsible!"


Princess said...

Good luck with the training!! Princess left ya'll a gift on her blog.

~P's Mom

Nicole said...

Thanks for the gift, Princess! :)