Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Very Maizy Update

I really need to update on how everyone is doing, but I guess that Maizy is the most interesting right now. We are now into our third week of resting Maizy and I think she is starting to get used to her new routine. She isn't always happy about being told to stop bouncing or having to be leashed anytime she is out of her crate, but she is adapting. I have had to cancel her therapy dog visits for the month of February as she a) should be resting and b) is all pent up and not on her best behavior as a result of all this rest.

"Is she healing?" is a question that I'm not sure about. Sometimes I look at her and I think she is walking much better, but sometimes I don't think I can tell. We are only halfway through right now, so I am content with waiting to see what happens. She is taking her medicine twice a day like a champ and generally being a good girl despite her obvious desire to run free and sproing everywhere.

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Flo said...

I am glad she is adjusting and still a good pup with her meds!