Friday, February 20, 2009


So, Maizy ended her month of rest on Tuesday. Or rather, she was scheduled to end it. The Brown Dog Dad and I have decided that she is walking much better, but that we will continue her rest for another week or two to be sure that she is okay. It would be awful to go through all of that for her to reinjure herself, so we are being careful. I do not think we will go back to the vet if we think she is okay (he told me at our last appointment to evaluate how she was walking after the rest and to bring her back only if she wasn't better). So, this is very good news.

Maizy is clearly full of a lot of pent up energy, so it will make me happy when I can see her run again. I am thinking about taking her on a trip to the dog bakery as a treat tonight. I suspect that we will have to go on a lot of outings before she gets back into her "Therapy Dog" gig, as her excitement at leaving the house might cause her to explode at this point.

Wrigley is doing well. His mealtime treat has graduated from a feet-chewed-off old Cuz toy to a fancy huge-sized black kong. He hasn't quite figured out how to pick it up (and turn in many circles before laying down to eat it) without all of the food falling out, but maybe I will have to add some peanut butter to help that. :)

It has officially been determined that I have never seen Probert walk anywhere of his own free will. His primary methods of transportation are running and leaping, exclusively. I will have to make a video sometime. He is either standing still or he is moving at the speed of light. It can be troublesome!

Anyway, hopefully the warm weather will arrive soon and we can all come out of hibernation. It would sure help as far as having things to write about! Every day feels the same lately, but I guess that is how it always is at the end of winter.

Take care, friends!

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