Friday, November 21, 2008

Maizy and Probert

What an eventful week we've had! On Monday, Maizy and I started out volunteering at a local "assisted living" facility. It is lovely there and we had a good time meeting with residents as they came and went from dinner. I think once people get used to us being there each week, they'll spend more time chatting.

Maizy did make one great friend though. As we were leaving, a group of ladies was sitting at a big table doing crafts. One liked Maizy a lot and so Maizy went over to see what she was doing. Maizy was sitting between two ladies as they stuffed fleece pillows and petted her. Maizy, who couldn't stand it anymore, slooowwwwllly reached her face over into one lady's lap and gently, with just her front teeth, snatched a corner of the pillow, pulling it back towards her. The ladies laughed and told her she couldn't eat that! She tried to steal the other lady's pillow the same way and when she was foiled again the lady said, "That's okay! I don't like doing this stuff either!" So funny. I think we are going to have a good time there.

In other news, I returned home from work last night to find that Probert, the unstoppable juggernaut, had escaped his crate! This time he had to actually snap through a metal clip to escape, so I'm not even sure how that happened. During his time out in the house he:
-pooped 6 times on the floor
-tore up a pillow form
-made a pile of shoes and hats on the living room floor
-got into the second bedroom and tore open a bag of cat food
-brought the following into the bed: four stuffed ducks (mama, daddy, and babies that I've had since I was a baby... only mom survived), a stuffed rat, a comic book, a box of treats, a bag that used to have a rawhide in it, his collar, the top that I practiced yoga in yesterday, my socks, a pair of neatly-folded jeans, and Wrigley's blanket which was extracted from Wrigley's crate without the crate door being open (Wrigley's crate was moved several feet during this process) - the only things destroyed from this list were the ducks, and anything that was paper or plastic

Seriously, that guy is a maniac!


Dannan and The Girl said...

Oh Probert! He was obviously filling the bed with things that he likes to have around him. It's too bad the ducks didn't all survive.

It sounds like the assisted living facility will be a fun place for you and Maizy. What a funny story about the pillows! :)

Joe Stains said...

hahaha ohh Probert. Sorry we are laughing but pooped SIX times?!?

MJ's doghouse said...

wow Probert...if you werent so naughty I would be impressed. I was pretty bad when i was a pup, but now i am a grown up I COULD care less what goes on...when nobody is home I just sleep. I wont even eat cookies if mom leaves me one. Too bad you ruined mommys duckies though...