Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas Card Time!

Once again little model Probert is wagging his tail for the camera to bring in the donations for the rescue that saved his life! Check out his Christmas card design for Measle's Animal Haven and buy a pack of 10 cards for $15.

The back of the card has Probert's bio written by a volunteer at the rescue. It reads: "Proby is our featured Love-A-Bull. Proby is a Measle's Animal Haven success story. He was rescued from an owner who used him for target practice. When he coudln't hit him, he backed over Proby with his pickup truck and then shot fireworks at him as Proby lay writhing on the road. After physical and emotional rehabilitation at Measle's Animal Haven, Proby was adopted into a caring and loving home.
Proby spends his time snuggling with his new family, wrestling with his new siblings, and enjoying his aspiring career as a dog model."

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