Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cat Bite!

About a month ago we brought a new couch (it had previously occupied our office at work, but didn't work in our new building) home. I was really excited, but Hannibal the cat was REALLY angry about the new couch when it was first moved in. She was hissing and running and generally acting pretty nutty. In an effort to calm her down, I went to pick her up to put her in a bedroom for a while and she freaked! She ended up biting my hand, which ended up getting infected, which ended up requiring TWO emergency room visits. The first visit resulted in a tetanus shot (OW!) and a prescription for big-ass antibiotic pills. The second visit resulted the following day from a HUGELY swollen hand that required IV antibiotics. At that visit I learned that it takes about 30 minutes to receive a course of IV antibiotics, which was very fortunate since we were having a party that evening with 20+ of our friends due over.

So, the moral of this story is don't get bit by a cat! My 3 pit bull dogs and 1 shep have never come close to causing a hospital visit!


Jay said...

dogs rule, cats drool

jesse.anne.o said...

Oh Nicole. I am so sorry. Cat bites can be dangerous (although a lot of people don't get infected when bitten - I'm sorry you were so unlucky)!

Thankfully even wrangling semi-feral kittens and my own pissy housecats when vetting (we get housecalls), I have yet to be bitten on skin. I did once get a really bad bite from an 8 week old kitten *through Kevlar gloves* and I still felt it but it didn't break skin.

I am glad you are okay now.

Nicole said...

Haha, Jay.

Thanks, Jesse! Yeah, it kind of totally sucked! I posted a picture of my giant infected hand on Facebook after the first antibiotics did nothing and I had to go back for an IV. I guess I'm sort of lucky since Hannibal has previously bitten me in the face (I was holding her for a photo) and that didn't get infected. Better my hand... The ER doctors did escalate me and act like it was SUPER SERIOUS, so I'm glad I went even if I'll be paying it off for a while. :)

a lil bit of Sarah said...

My friend got bit by her cat recently with the same result! So crazy.

And it just goes to show Pit Bulls are safer ;)

I had to check your blog out because of the name. When I adopted my first dog the called her a 'lbd' or little brown dog.