Sunday, May 1, 2011

Introducing the Ladies

This may sound funny, but in the nearly 1.5 years that Dan and I have been dating, we have yet to fully integrate our dog packs. Well, mostly we have avoided fully introducing Maizy and Greta, our two bossy ladies.

I had a gift certificate for some dog training and we recently used it to meet with a trainer and work on the relationship between those two and I have to say, it was very promising!

So, now we are taking them for walks and letting them in the yard together (with Maizy on a leash still) and things are going great. Greta is getting confident enough that Maizy is not annoyed and Maizy is realizing that she cannot be the boss of everyone.

What a great spring it's going to be!

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Flo said...

Hi ladies! Happy the intergration is going well! Keep us posted. The cute ladies of the house (minus Hannibal of course!) :)