Monday, March 7, 2011


Well, in just a few short days I am off to Japan on what I think is a very well-deserved vacation! The dogs will be on vacation, too, on their first ever trip to a boarding facility. I put a lot of care into choosing a place for them and I am optimistic that everything will work out well in my absence. Nervous, but optimistic. It will be really good for all of us, I think, since I have never boarded them and need to lighten up and it will be a good "out in the world" experience for the browns. Cutting the cord... I will report back on how everyone does.

Last week at Doga Maizy was such a pill that this week I put in an untested rookie. Probert was up to the challenge and made a LOVELY Doga companion. He taught a wonderful class and he just might be my new Doga co-teacher.

My boyfriend brought over this poster for Probert this weekend and hung it above his crate. Probert came in from playing outside to see it for the first time, walked straight into his crate and stood there staring at it. I think he likes it!

Last week was my friend Flo's birthday and we surprised her with this photo (which was a huge pain in the butt, let me tell you!). ;)


Chris said...

As long as the pups are boarded together they should be okay. We use to board our regularly. Enjoy Japan!

Married with Dawgs said...

I too was a nervous wreck when we boarded our dogs last summer. They of course had a blast, Maggie had a chance to improve her behavior around small dogs and all around I was super glad we did it. Called it Doggie Camp (the boarding facility was out on a farm where they had fenced acres, a pond, stream, etc to run around and play in). In fact, it was such a success that I'm considering sending them away for a few days this summer even if we don't travel!

Nicole said...

Glad to hear that other people have had good experiences with boarding! Wrigley is the only dog that is being allowed into play groups (by my request) because he is the only one who consistently plays well with others and I don't want anything to happen while I'm away. The other two get to play with each other. :)

Tori said...

Did you already leave for Japan? If so, are you okay?

Flo said...

Everyone- This is Flo. Nicole asked that I post here and let you know they are safe. A very long ordeal and here is her update:
"Landed in Tokyo at 2:30pm yesterday just in time to feel the quake. Were in plane until 12:30am due to airport closure and damage. Spent the night on cold tile floor by ticketing gate and had many aftershocks wake us up. Got a hot tip on only train out at 7am today(Sat) and after epic adventure involving epic patience, many trains, walking, cab made it to hotel now at 1:30pm. Very hungry, dirty, tired, but okay!!!"

They are safe and ok.

Chris said...

I am so glad to hear that Nicole is safe!