Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We are in the middle of a THUNDERSNOW here in Chicago and it is windy and snowy as all get out. I am about to take the dogs out for their final potty of the night and hope that none of us blow away. Earlier, about 40 minutes into our blizzard watch, we went outside and I took these photos. It now sounds much worse outside than it was when these were taken!

Check out Probert's new JAFCO flexible vinyl "hat." We've only had it two days, so we'll keep using it before reporting back on it's functionality.


Chris said...

It looks much more comfortable than the Hannibal Lector-style metal one. I hope works for Probert.

Enjoy the blizzard! I really miss a good snow, and fondly remember the 'BIG' one of 67'.

Keep warm and safe!

Nicole said...

This is supposed to be the biggest storm since '67 and we are getting a real show here! I just took the dogs out and had to have them help me open the back gate because it was so drifted shut (luckily, they all know a "push" command). The snow was blowing like crazy!

So far, the new muzzle is working okay! He got it off somehow at one point, but hopefully it just needed to be adjusted. The only issue is that it has less airflow than the metal one, so I worry that it won't be good outdoors in the summer, but for now, it seems okay and is much better inside where he was always wacking it into my legs or the poor walls!