Monday, September 27, 2010

Crates and Crafts

So, I don't know if any of you have had the same experience, but those plastic crate pans that come with most brands of crate really stink! About two years ago, I replaced Maizy's (for around $60-70) and once again last month, it had broken. It didn't make sense to spend more money on a crate pan, so she was existing without for a few weeks while I figured out what to do. I considered trying to find the right size of metal crate pan or make some kind of metal floor for her, but I soon realized that it wasn't the best solution. Add to the situation that Maizy is a massive chewer and that I was buying her new blankets from the thrift store every few weeks, and I decided that the solution to our crate floor situation had to be dual-purposed.

After some discussion with my brilliant boyfriend, we came up with a plan. And so, this past weekend we cut down a piece of plywood (with the aid of a neighbor who couldn't bear to see me using the manual version, and rushed over with his electric saw in order to do the cut for me quicker than his estimated "three seconds"), dug a scrap of carpet from the depths of the boyfriend's basement, and created a masterpiece!


I present to you: Maizy's shiny new carpeted floor. This was a simple and cheap solution (we already had all of the materials laying around) and is working out beautifully so far! And Maizy is very happy with the results as her initial reaction to her new floor was to hunch up into "resource guarding" posture lest one of the other dogs even THINK about relaxing on HER new carpeted board!

This obviously isn't a good solution for a dog that has regular accidents in their crate (Addison!) or who has a sensitive stomach that can lead to barfing (Wrigley!), but this is the perfect solution for all of Maizy's issues. If it isn't, I don't know that yet, but will keep you updated in the following weeks to see if there are any major issues with her carpeted floor.

I've also included one bonus photo, which includes all four pups in their crates with the doors shut and their dinners sitting in front of them waiting VERY patiently to be given the "okay" before diving in. They are such well-beahaved sweetstuffs (sometimes).


Flo said...

What a great idea! Maizy looks impressed!

Hound Girl said...

Great thinking! Mine still have the plastic bottoms in their crates but I keep a bathmat on the plastic try to prevent them from dmaging the plastic tray. Great idea for a chewer and I LOVE the pic of all of them in their crates!

Nicole said...

She seemed really happy with her new floor, though I know she will miss gnawing her blankets to shreds! Sorry, Maizy!

Bath mats are a great idea for dogs that don't chew! I will have to keep that in mind for the other dogs!

Chris said...

Nicole, that is a great idea. We only use the crate for Ed when company comes because STILL at the age of almost 8yrs, he can not contain himself. He goes wild! He broke the crate tray years ago, but I use throw an old bathmat in it. but I do like your idea.
All your pups sit so nice for dinner! What great dogs....

jesse.anne.o said...

Awww, Maizy!

Nicole said...

Chris, It's a few days later and I can still say "so far, so good"! I am sure that a scrap of carpet, or as you guys are saying, a bath mat is also a GREAT solution for dogs that don't chew! I am thinking about making another carpeted board for Probert, who is not a chewer, but might enjoy it just as much!

Jesse, Your absence last weekend at the PAWS walk was noticed!! Michele asked if you weren't flying in again. :D