Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lamp Dog

Well, vet season continued last week with vet visits for Maizy, Probert, and Addy. The last two pups are doing great, but Miss Maizy had a big problem! Under her fur, we discovered a hidden mystery wound on her tail that she had not let me know about it any way and which had apparently been there for a while, causing the end of her tail to die!!! I spent the next several days trying to get her to leave her (now shaved) tail alone until she could have a surgery to amputate the damaged end. This was not easy.

Her surgery yesterday went amazingly well and she is doing great, with the exception of one thing - the CONE. She is a big dog and needs a 30" cone to prevent her from reaching her tail. She is also a terrible navigator and has been banging and tripping all over the house. She hasn't even been home 24 hours and the cone has become dented and mangled. We have 10 days total until her stitches can be removed and I hope we all survive.

Check out this great new lamp! It goes so good with my Eames rocker.


Flo said...

Poor Maizy!
Lamp head and all <3
Glad she is doing well!

Anonymous said...

When Bella had surgery we used the "Pro Collar". It has an inflatable inner bladder and a scratch & bite resistant canvas lined outer jacket. It attaches to her regular collar (same as the "lamp shade" cones do) and closes with velcro. Picture an inflated life saver around her neck. It's nice and soft for her (and your walls). The best part is she'll be able to see, eat and drink with it on. Bella even like sleeping in hers because it was like a built in pillow. We bought ours online at drsfostersmith.com but you can also get them at Petco. They come in 5 different sizes.

I don't mean to sound like a commercial but it's such an improvement on the original that I am amazed they still make those hard palstic cones.

Hope Miss Maizy is better soon (and hello to Probert, Wrigley & Addy too)

Bella's Mom

Lilo, The Great Rock Eater said...

Poor Miss Maizy!!! We hope she feels better soon!!!!


Jess & Lilo

Susan said...

I second what Bella's Mom said about the "Pro Collar." I have an enormous Rottie who had to wear it and even though he does NOT like it...it is FAR superior to the lampshade and does the job just fine.

Get well soon, Maizy! What a way to get your tail docked!

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Maizy! I hope you have a quick recovery!

Chris said...

Poor Maizy, she looks so miserable. I hope she is better soon.
When we first moved down to FL we lived in our 35ft Motorhome and Lily had to have surgery on her crucial tendon......try living in an 8ft by 35ft space with a cone on a 105lb dog and another 110lb dog following her around wondering what the heck she was wearing!!! Ah, those were fun times.
Hang in there!