Monday, November 9, 2009

Funds Raised!

Thanks everyone for your support with all of the work I've been doing with Pinups for Pitbulls. Well, the event on Friday went off without a hitch! Here are a few pictures (no pups, sorry!). At the end of the evening (or really, the next morning, since I got home at about 4:30am), we had raised over $2000 for the bullies! Thanks to anyone who helped promote or came out! It is much appreciated. Look for our family-friendly fundraiser coming up in December in Wheaton.

Me and Tracy, my partner in pit bull fundraising (with the Brown Dog Dad in the back).

All set up for the midnight raffle (there was a second at 3am).

A packed bar and smiling faces. Good signs.
One of my favorite merch items that we have... the Pinup for Pitbulls tote bag.


Flo said...

Awesome job! So many bullies are going to benefit! <3

Schwang said...

We're always up for a good pitbull fundraiser in the area; unfortunately we hadn't heard of this one. Your dogs are so beautiful.

Ike said...

Hey, we had a doggy pinup calendar last year!
Great idea for the pitties. My mom loves them and her boss rescues them too! My mom did a photo book about them when she was in school.