Friday, October 2, 2009

Maizy and Friends

Two pictures from this week:

Maizy and Probert smelling the fall air.

Maizy and Justice both looking nervous about being so close to each other. To be fair, Maizy has the most to worry about because Justice is always the one attacking her. She always acts like a lady.


Princess said...

Ah!! Fall in the air, it's just wonderful isn't it?! Too bad every other day is still 90 down here. But we're getting a few nice days scattered in.

Maizy you are such a lady!!

Stella said...

Maizy, you have every right to be scared of that cat. Especially if she has clawz! Clawz can hurt your nose so bad in 15 seconds that you can't even see straight and are dripping bloods!

Keep your distance!


Nicole said...

Well, Princess, it is KIND of wonderful, but all I can think about is what follows. And in Chicago, that is cold, cold, and more cold!!! I can't say I'm excited! :D

Stella, You are right! Justice does not have any claws (he was adopted like that, we did not declaw him), but he hits hard enough to leave bruises! I would hate to think if he did have claws!!!

Lilo, The Great Rock Eater said...

I feel your pain Maizy!! The kitties in my house are not really fond of me either. No matter how hard I try to be nice to them, they just really don't like me.