Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In the News

Two cool stories that I wanted to share today:

1) This story from April about "wild" dogs in Moscow who have learned to take the trains into the city center where they beg for food before taking the trains back home at night where they rest and do the same thing again the next day. This story is simultaneously adorable and sad. I want to hug all of those dogs. (Even if you don't read, at least click to look at the cute pictures.)

2) This story from today which reports on an ad that Main Line Animal Rescue in Philly has placed in Washington DC (and which will likely appear in other areas) that says that for every time Michael Vick is tackled in that region's game, 5 bags of dog food will be donated to a local shelter. The ad also encourages people to volunteer at their local shelter and perhaps spend time "hugging a homeless Pit Bull." I'm all for this. Homeless pups need hugs.


Chris said...

The dogs in Russia are cute and sad at the same time. But how smart too.
Philly use to be one of my fav teams but since they got Vick I'm not sure I can root for them. Good idea though for the shelter to donate food, maybe others will too.
Thanks for the links.

Karen said...

its about time MLAR did something good for dogs. i mean, they are trying to rescue them, but they have such a bad rep here anymore. i know of three people personally who have tried to adopt from there and were denied for (seemingly) dumb reasons. one of my friends actually adopted a dog from there, and a few weeks later dug under the fence and got out while she was gardening. they never let her have the dog back.

maybe this is the start of them turning things around. i hope so- they have a lot of dogs to love.

Nicole said...

You know when we were looking for a new dog, a few times I had found a dog I was interested in on petfinder, but didn't apply because the dog was at MLAR and we lived in Norristown. The rules were that they only adopted to people on the Main Line which sometimes rubbed me the wrong way. I couldn't afford to live on the Main Line for the most part! :D